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About the Frozen Yogurt Factory

At Frozen Yogurt Factory, a café that features healthy affairs with frozen yogurt, each swirly fantasy is delicately appointed with a range of delicious toppings that melt in the mouth to create tangy-sweet rapture. With a line-up of yogurt flavors complemented by a healthy variety of fruit toppings and dry toppings, Frozen Yogurt Factory gives you a chance to be an artist and create your very own masterpiece.

When the goodness of fresh non-fat organic yogurt with probiotics meets organic skimmed milk and Agave Nectar, the result is a polished swirl that is not only a delight to look at, but is also a healthy sweet ecstasy that leaves the taste buds well treated with minimal calorie intake.

At Frozen Yogurt Factory, we encourage healthy snacking, and therefore offer the freshest products to take the nutritional count of an already healthy cup full of Frozen Yogurt and its fun pairings to another level. Naturally sweetened with Agave nectar, the gorgeously customized swirls at Frozen Yogurt Factory are low on calorie count and glycemic index.

Fruit and juicy or chewy and crunchy, rest assured every cup of Frozen Yogurt serves a healthy dose of nutrients.

We also share nutritional value of each cuppa of delicious frozen yogurt with the customers to encourage them to opt for frozen yogurt over unhealthy and fattening ice-creams. With a number of dry fruit toppings and chocolate toppings neatly stacked in separate counters, decorating your cup of yogurt gives you a chance to once again be a child.

With no artificial sweeteners, low calorific content and no artificial coloring, we at Frozen Yogurt Factory make sure that your affair with swirly bliss remains a guilty free delight.