Nutrition Facts

The Frozen Yogurt factory franchise
Calories: An ounce of frozen yogurt usually contains 25-30 calories depending on whether it is of the non fat, low fat or regular variety. A medium cone of 8 oz. has approximately 200-240 calories.

Carbohydrates: One medium serving of 8 oz has 30-50 grams of carbohydrates.

Fats :
Fat content is much lesser as compared to ice creams. Moreover, frozen yogurt made from skimmed milk is totally fat free. If made from whole milk or low fat milk, it has less than four grams of fat in a serving of 8 oz.

There are 2-8 grams of proteins in a serving of 8 oz.

An eight oz frozen yogurt suffices 20% to 30% of the RDA for calcium.


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